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China is one of the greatest civilizations and amongst the largest nations on this planet. The country has a huge geographic mass and the largest populace in the world. It is also a major economic super power and a global leader in a variety of businesses. China has increasingly gained interest amongst tourists who visit the country for its ancient sites and monuments, imposing imperial palaces, rich culture & heritage and incredible shopping deals. It is also a popular destination for some of the most extravagant trade fairs and exhibitions across many industries. Amongst the most popular attractions in China are the Great Wall, which is amongst the 7 wonders of the world. Forbidden City, Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven are also popular attractions for tourists. River cruises on the Yangtze river are an incredible option to visit multiple destinations in China and enjoy a holistic experience.

China SIM Cards

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Most telecom companies offer attractive data plans for China, however, their hidden charges can be a nuisance leading to unpleasant surprises in your overall billed amount. From both quality and price perspective, it is advisable to carry a local SIM card with you on your trip to China. The 3 main telcos providing SIM Cards in the Chinese market are China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom. Both locals and travellers use SIM cards from all three networks, and they are trustworthy with a reliable network. Tourists in China can buy SIM cards from approved dealers only after filling out the registration paperwork and showing their passport as proof of identification. Language can be an issue at times when buying a SIM Card since most store assistants are not fluent in English. Also, while the signal is good in urban areas, it is not so great when you travel to rural countryside.

China SIM

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A really convenient option to buy a Chinese SIM is to take one before you leave India. India’s largest platform for selling SIM Cards – – provides incredible products at a competitive price, not just for China, but for 180 countries across the globe. Simply visit this site and grab a product of your liking. Make the payment online in 3 easy steps and have the SIM Card delivered to your address anywhere in India within 3 working days. It doesn’t get easier than this, does it ?

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