Do you spend money in Coffee shops just for Free WIFI ?

A cafe has been a place where people meet and interact over a cup of coffee but these days Staying online has become so important that many Cafes and restaurants have made it a norm to offer free WIFI to their customers. One gets to access the internet at the cost of spending at a coffee shop which at times is not to enjoy the coffee but the extra benefits coming in the form of Internet connectivity. Also the personal interactions have now come to video interactions, hence these cafes by offering free WiFi, have become more of a commercial hub than a social joint.

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Overall, It’s not very fun to connect to WiFi at a café or hotel. If you don’t have to ask staff for a password, they’ll have to print it somewhere — and it’s still a hassle when all you want to do is check your email.

Apart from unnecessary spending, this also can make a person more lazy and lead to health issues by consuming extra food or drinks just to use the free WIFI at that place. Caffeine addiction is what a customer has started to pay for just to sit and utilise the free data. For a tourist, the major disadvantage is that he is stuck at a place just to avail the free WIFI from that particular place.

When you are travelling abroad, it makes sense to have your independent network rather than depending on these free WIFI zones to post a lovely picture on social media or use google maps for navigation in a foriegn land.
Calling your loved ones just to say Hi! from miles away, who wants to use the free WIFI at a cafe while paying Exorbitant amount for a cup of coffee.
Cafes these days have been offering free WIFI for their own personal interest to increase their footfall but while travelling international, staying mobile all through makes more sense than finding a reasonable Cafe offering free WIFI.

Though Free WIFI does offer benefits to local people who want to spend some time working out of that cafe but a person who is travelling and is on a budget staying connected with a local SIM Card gives one more flexibilty.

International SIM

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