Why buying a SIM Card at the Airport is not a great idea?

Buying A Sim Card at the airport

Visa Checked

Tickets Checked

Luggage Checked

SIM Card – Not Checked 🙁

When we are travelling abroad we keep everything in check and when it comes to phone connectivity ( which is a necessity now), we leave it for the last minute thinking we will buy a SIM at the airport or when we reach our destination. But when there is a solution for this before we begin our travel then why not we check this before we take off to the foreign land.

Our lives have become so dependant on our phones these days that even few minutes of disconnection makes us uncomfortable. Thinking of buying a local SIM Card at the foreign destination can not be easy all the time. Only certain foreign countries have counters of local SIM Cards at the airport, in case your destination is not the one from the list then you can only look for a store in the city which will have its own challenges.
If you plan to buy a SIM Card at the airport and luckily found a counter too then also its not a smooth journey.
After travelling for N number of hours and then standing for the baggage claim, Immigration and all do you still have the strength to stand a queue to buy a SIM Card? Wouldnt you prefer an easier option for this ?

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At the airport most of the times the plans sold are also expensive than their original price, would you still purchase that or prefer to stay disconnected till you reach your hotel or any city centre store.

Buying a SIM card at the airport can be a big hassle especially when you are travelling with your family and lots of luggage. Its always a good idea to be prepared with a local SIM Card before leaving your country. A SIM Card which starts working immediately as your exit your flight and gives you a reason to smile and get a picture clicked which you can use to update your status along with the foreign backdrop………isn’t that an ideal situation?

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